9. Implementation/Resources/Monitoring

Implementation and Resources

The Local Plan is essentially an enabling document.  Most of the investment in land and buildings will be carried out by the private sector. The Council does however, have several roles to play in the implementation of policies.

It has to ensure that all planning applications submitted are in accordance with the policies and proposals of the Local Plan, unless there are material considerations which justify a departure.

It will prepare Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to give greater detail about a specific topic or for a specific site.  SPDs includes preparing Development Plan Documents (DPD) which outline relevant information and requirements to guide the development of a specific site. This will include identifying any specific characteristics of the site and detailed design requirements, layout, and any contributions towards community facilities.  Where possible   Briefs will be prepared in partnership with the landowner or developer.

It will carry out negotiations with developers on the communities’ behalf to secure facilities, services and contributions relating to development.

It will have some direct investment and provision of facilities using the Council’s revenue and capital budgets.


In order to ensure the effectiveness of the policies contained in this Plan it is vital that regular monitoring takes place. This monitoring will cover the following:

Permissions and completions for new housing including the size of the site; size of dwellings; the former use of the land; the amount and type of affordable housing; the rate of conversions and windfalls; the density of development; building rates; the planning status of the land; any known constraints; the amount of land and the number of properties lost to housing.

Permissions and completions for Industry, Retail and Office development including any land or buildings lost from employment use.

Number of Buildings at Risk

Appeal decisions.

Development within the Green Belt.

Open space including additions and deletions.

Policies which have become out of date because of revised Government Guidance or because of the adoption of a Structure Plan Review.

Much of the monitoring work will be in done in partnership with the County Council. The Borough Council will produce an Annual Monitoring Report.

If monitoring indicates that changes are required to policies and proposals, consideration will be given to the need for policy statements or a formal review of part or all of the Plan.  It is expected that a complete review of the Local Plan will be undertaken as part of the preparation of the new Local Development Framework.

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Disclaimer: This interactive website version of the Local Plan exists for representative purposes only. The paper version remains the definitive version.