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H1 Housing Allocations
H2 Camp Hill Supplementary Planning Guidance
H3 Affordable Housing
H4 Housing Types And Sizes
H5 Special Needs Housing
H6 Planning Obligations
H7 Windfall Housing
H8 Conversion / Re-use Of Buildings To Residential Use
H9 Sub-division Of Dwellings
H10 Multiple Occupation Dwellings
H11 Density Of Residental Development
H12 Design And Layout Of Residential Development
H13 Traveller Sites


Emp1 Employment Allocations
Emp2 Judkins
Emp3 Redevelopment Of Existing Sites Or New Windfall Sites
Emp4 Colliery Lane
Emp5 Griff Clara
Emp6 Office Development
Emp7 Uses In Residential Areas
Emp8 C1, C2 And D1 Uses In Residential Areas
Emp9 Planning Obligations
Emp10 Use Of Residential Properties
Emp11 Design And Car Parking Standards
Emp12 Hazardous Substances
Emp13 Prison Development
Emp14 Protecting Employment Land
Emp15 Tourism Development


S1 Town Centres
S2 District And Local Centres
S3 Enviromental Improvements
S4 Coventry Colliery
S5 Edge-of-town Centre And Out-of-town Centre Locations
S6 Extensions
S7 A3 To A5 Uses
S8 A3 To A5 Uses Within Town And District Centres
S9 Sue Generis Uses Of A Retail Nature On Industrial Estates
S10 Car Parking


R1 Commercial Indoor Leisure
R2 Recreational Priority Areas
R3 Playing Fields
R4 Playing Fields Within The Green Belt
R5 Floodlighting
R6 Golf Course And Driving Ranges
R7 Plough Hill Road Golf Centre
R8 Green Track Network
R9 Water Bodies
R10 Bermuda Community Park
R11 Allotments
R12 Provision For Horses
R13 Protection Of Open Spaces
R14 Noise Generating Sports


Env1 Green Belt
Env2 Areas Of Restraint
Env3 Rural And Urban Countryside Policy
Env4 Climate Change And Floodplains
Env5 Agriculture
Env6 New Agricultural Dwellings
Env7 Conservation Areas
Env8 Listed Buildings
Env9 Demolition Of Listed Buildings
Env10 Locally Listed Buildings
Env11 Historic Parks And Gardens
Env12 Archaeology
Env13 Archaeology Not Meriting In Situ Preservation
Env14 Supplementary Planning Guidance / Documents
Env15 Landscaping
Env16 Hedgerows
Env17 Nature Conservation
Env18 Planning Obligations And Biodiversity Action Plans
Env19 Environmental Education And Enhancement
Env20 Rivers And Canals
Env21 Recycling
Env22 Security
Env23 Telecommunications
Env24 Radio Masts On Residential Property
Env25 Pollution
Env26 Up Lighting
Env27 Cemeteries
Env28 Renewable Energy
Env29 Sustainable Land Drainage
Env30 Public Art
Env31 Other Development
Env32 Landfill Gas
Env33 Safeguarding Water Resources


T1 New Road Infrastructure
T2 Footpaths And Car Parks
T3 Transport Assessment
T4 Freight Movement
T5 Pedestrian And Cycling Access
T6 Public Transport
T7 Rail
T8 Public Car Parks
T9 Off-street Parking
T10 Car Parking Standards

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